Monday, October 20, 2014

A day with the Grands

And what a day it was...we were busy, busy, busy from ten am til just a bit ago.  We were playing on the lanai when Landon said, "Can we talk about tents?"...ummm, sure.  What about them...let's build one so we did.  And it was the biggest, bestest tent ever!!!
Our little chef/engineer added an out door kitchen and a carpeted patio.  Leighton and Colvin decorated the interior.

 We headed up to the Splash Park around 11:00 and played til after noon.  It must have been Grandparents Day because there were sure a lot of us "older" folks hanging out with our Grand

And, before we headed for naps, one pose with the dancing Ghosties.
By popular demand, lunch was hot dogs, apple sauce and green beans (and when they ate all their green beans, they also got 5 potato chips) .  Nana settled Landon and Colvin into the big bed in the guest room and Papa sat with Leighton in the work room while she fell asleep.  Colvin woke up first so he and I did a tour of the neighborhood with him on one of the boys' new two wheeler (with training wheels) bikes.  Mama came just in the nick of time and swept our Grands off to the park for a romp before taking them home sweet home.  
Every time I think E and I are getting too old to care for these 3 treasures, the kids prove to us that we are only as old as we choose to be and today we were very young at heart.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

ziggy zaggy ziggy zaggy oi oi oi

Yesterday, we celebrated the Second Annual October Fest here in Tarpon Springs.  E, our friend, Bob DeLay and I worked the beer and wine table for a couple of hours and then were joined by friends for lunch and more beer, of course.  E and I ended up taking home some excellent smoked chicken for our dinner.  We had a great time as usual...many thanks, Dan Jenkin (owner of Tarpon Tavern).

 A busy week ahead for us.  The kids' teachers all have a work day tomorrow so we're having them all over for the day.  Thinking the Splash Park might be a good idea!  Tues I have my every four months  blood work and the eye check up for my new contacts.  Wed. we are back on schedule as Leighton's Limo Service and on Friday I have 2 CT scans plus my food or drink til those are done and from midnight Thurs...I'll probably be ready to eat the upholstery in the car by the time that all is done. 
Have a great week.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Loving our town

I am sure anyone who reads this blog is aware that we have fallen madly in love with our little town of Tarpon Springs.  And now, as if we needed any reassurance, Tarpon Springs was " named a top retirement location in the Oct. 14, issue" of Where to Retire magazine.   According to the editor, Annette Fuller, our town "offers and experience ripe with tradition, festival, food and culture".  YEP! She is sure right. 

I am not sure who started the lovely tradition of placing fresh flowers on our Mermaid statue but, with my grand children, we are keeping the tradition.  Today, it was Leighton's turn to help Nana decorate the pretty sea lady our town has been blessed with.    For more info on our Mermaid, check HERE.

Leighton and I took a nice long walk around Spring Bayou this morning, watched the squirrels play tag, waved at the kayakers and sat on a slightly damp bench watching the tide go out (or was it coming in? lol).
Leighton also showed me what she has been learning on the beam in gymnastics...quite the balance baby!
Then it was home, dancing with the ghosties in our front yard, lunch and half a movie.  It was Cinderella by special request.  Now it is nap time for both of us! 

If you are out and about, be sure to come by the Octoberfest  here in Tarpon Springs.  It starts at 4pm today and goes through Sunday with food, music, games and...of course beer!  E and I will be volunteering at one of the beer booths Sat. from ten am -noon.  Stop by!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Bad Nana Blogger

Life has been getting in the way of our lives lately.  They say, life is what happens while you are planning your life and I guess that is what has been happening for us lately.  I, for one, wish to resume our previously scheduled retired life existence!

With a small glitch (a viral infection that Leighton had), the Grands are all doing great.  Papa bought them each a small marigold plant to call their own.  I think he was hoping to turn them into gardeners like himself and their mama.  They seemed to love them, especially Leighton.

I just got back from a cruise with several of the Art Anthology design team members, the owner, Stayce DeWid, and several gal pals and what a great time we had.  Two of the gals, Kristi and Lorrie from the Carolina's stopped by for a couple of days before the cruise and I got to show them my lovely little town, Tarpon Springs.

Busy couple of weeks ahead.  We're really looking forward to working the October Fest here in Tarpon Springs originating at Tarpon Tavern.  The Fest goes from Oct. 17-19 and E and I will be working the beer tent from ten-noon on the 25th.  Come on out if you live in the area for all the Ompa Ompa festivities.

Will try not to go so long between posts!  We have all 3 of the Grands on the 2oth  and Leighton both Monday and Friday of this upcoming week so be prepared to be awash with my loves.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Today is a time of reflection for me

I've been thinking a lot today about my country.  Thirteen years ago, E and I were newly retired and living in a family owned condo while our new home in Florida was being built when my son called us, "Do you have the t.v. on Mom? Do you know what is happening?" and my answer was no...and we turned on the worst our nation had experienced since (IMHO) Pearl Harbor.  We had been attacked.

And today, I am thinking that why does it have to take a horrific event like Pearl or 9/11 to bring us together as a nation.  The recent beheading of two American free lance newsmen might be the catalyst that spurs us to nationality, the togetherness this fragmented nation needs but, sad to say, we only seem to respond to horrific huge loss of life to spur us to become one. 

I am a conservative liberal and my husband is a liberal conservative so we meet a happy medium...shame our country can not do the same!  We respect each other's view points though we do not agree on all of them.  At least we give each other credit for having both our best interests at heart.

I have a good friend who sends me posts he find interesting.  He is a stanch believer in what I often do not but he know I read his posts as I need to know all sides before I make decisions and he and I respect each other enough to have civilized conversations allowing the other to speak.  We do not have to agree.  The respect is enough. Shame that is not true in our government today.

So, I am sad today that my nation, my country is so lacking in respect...respect for our President, for our elected officials ( and I do not think most have earned that respect so I so understand the lack here), and,  most importantly,  each other.

Is it going to take another calamity, more loss of life, more sadness to bring us back to doing what we need to do as citizens of this country? We need to take care of us, our children and our future as a nation.

The United States is currently 18th among the 36 industrialized nations.


Now, how the hell did that happen?  Doctors censor themselves, lawyers censor themselves so who  dictates how teachers teach? Who allowed people who have never been in the classroom decide how a teacher could best impart knowledge and educate her/his students?  And who decides what teachers are good and what ones are not...not a state test ! There are bad doctors, bad lawyers and bad teachers but only teachers are not governed by other teachers.  


If you have read this far, thank you.  I am sad for our country.  If we continue on the path that we have so far, we are never going to be the GREAT country I knew, the GREAT country I KNOW we have the potential to become once again.


I am sad because I don't see a bright future.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The List

When Colvin spent the night last, he was talking about all the things he wanted to do on his next visit and he went on and on.  I reminded him we only do one BIG thing when either of the boys spend the night so he said, "Let's make a list, Nana".  (they must make a lot of lists at his  And we did. 

Now, we always do 3 things but they are standard and not BIG things.  The boys always help Papa cook breakfast the next morning, they always get ice cream with Nana (and sometimes we let Papa come too especially if he is treating!), and we always watch a movie cuddled on the couch or Nana and Papa's bed).  So, Colvin "dictated" his list to me and then said, "Brudder needs a list too!" so we started Landon's.  His turn is next so I imagine he'll have as many as his little "brudder" before the visit is over.

I don't know what is on your fridge, but mine has been enhanced by the boys' lists!

Wednesday, September 03, 2014

The Grands on Labor Day continued.

After we helped Papa clean up the kitchen, we headed to Spring Bayou to take some flowers to our mermaid and have a short walk.  Next, after we got home,  Colvin and I took a spin or three around the block and then back to our house to change.  It was off to the Splash Park to meet up with the Grands' daddy, sis and "brudder".  And what a great time we had...

After about an hour, it was lunch and nap time.  Colvin and Nana were both ready for some rest.  Around 4, we headed towards the kids' house with a short stop for what has become our Grand cream!  We stopped at the new gelato place in Old Palm Harbor that had been highly recommended by Mr. Roger, the Jolly Trolley driver Sat. but it was closed.  On to Strachens on Tampa Road and nothing would do but Colvin have the same kind of ice cream that "Brudder" had...Birthday Cake!

A brief clean up in the bathroom and Colvin joined his sibs at home.  I am not sure who has the most fun on these sleep over weekends at our or the Grands.