Tuesday, April 07, 2015

There went Peter Cotton Tale (who looked a bit like Papa).

The Wed. before Easter, Kristen brought the 3 Grands over to dye Easter eggs here.  Chris had class until ten and all 3 Grands and their mama were on Spring Break.  So were we! lol.  While E and I helped two of the Grands dye eggs after dinner, Mama bathed a 3rd. and so we rotated til bath time and eggs were done.

On Sunday, after church, the Grands, their mama and daddy came over to our house for Easter brunch.  While Papa put the finishing touches on our meal, the Grands and the rest of us had our Easter Egg hunt.  Papa...er, ah, Peter Cotton Tale, had filled plastic eggs with pennies and baskets were waiting when the hunt was done.

Peter Cotton Tail left Legos for the boys and a princess magnetic "paper doll" for Leighton in their baskets along with a chocolate bunny each and jelly beans, which Leighton adored...hers, and her brothers!

And then there is our little Diva in the darling outfit Auntie NeNe gave her!

And a few random shots ....

I hope you all had a lovely Easter as well.

Friday, April 03, 2015

A Few Thoughts on Aging

 A recent spill on my bike has caused me to be a bit more reflective of my aging.  I'll be 68 in a few weeks and, in September, E will turn 70.  Neither of us feel  we are old but our bodies daily remind us we are.

  We have the usual aging signs: odd sleep, aches and pains and developing arthritis and forgetfulness.  We have done what we can to take care of these while maintaining our quality of life.  And we have a wonderful life we want to maintain. E has an appointment with a back specialist and has a follow up with his heart doctor in an effort to improve his mobility which has decreased significantly this past year. 

Until this spill, for me, aging has been more superficial.  I look down at my hands and wonder what old lady switched hers with mine.  Age spots appear and grow, it takes me longer to cover the ones on my face and my hair...more wire and dry no matter what I use on it. 

This spill has left me with a knee that is black and blue and missing a sizable amount of skin, a sprained or jammed finger and a palm also missing some skin and an aching shoulder.  But, most of all, the spill was a wake up call about my mortality.  We go through life thinking not me, I'm fine and I'll be able to walk, bike, run, etc. forever.  Many seniors do and, once I heal, I'll start my morning walks again.  I need to think about my bike, which I love.  Perhaps it is time to trade it for a 3 wheeler, not necessarily a trike and perhaps I am overreacting and perhaps not.

I don't feel my age, not inside and not in the way I perceive myself. But, it does take me longer to recover from colds, injuries such as the ones from my spill, and longer to get myself in gear.  I've given in to the afternoon Nana naps which I fought for eons.  I can't keep up with the Grands the way I did even a year or so ago. 

I believe a reality check is a good thing.  I was riding my bike fast trying to get my speed up for short periods of time and BOOM! I hit a hose across a sidewalk the wrong way...bike went one way leaving me skidding across the sidewalk and into the wet grass the other way.  I think my dignity was hurt more than my body parts...lol. 

With all the cancer in my family, I have tried (sometimes not succeeding) to live each day fully and full steam ahead.  Perhaps I can still do that but a slightly less 'damn the torpedoes' approach. 

Off to (figuratively) lick my wounds, apply more antiseptic and ice and take it easy for a couple of days.

My new favorite song:  When I Grow Up I Want to be an Old Lady...'cause I am!

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Bikes of Tarpon Springs

As many of you know, I am a morning walker and, lately, during the course of my walks through my town of Tarpon Springs, I have noticed a phenomena occurring...whimsically decorated bikes all around town!

The first one I saw was down on the Sponge Docks outside of the Sponge Diver tee shirt store.  I had just gotten off the sponge diver boat with my 4 year old grandson, Landon and we both noticed this fun bike all "sponged" up.
 I assumed this unique repurposing had been done by the shop as they also sell sponges along with their clothing and wonderful tee shirts. 

A couple of weeks later, walking through town with my friend, Jo, we spotted the "computerized" bike outside a computer repair shop on Tarpon Ave.  This one has a small plaque that read, Tarpon Tom, which is a wonderful resale and bike repair shop in town on Alt. 19.  This is where I take my bike.  (pardon my partial thumb obliterating the handle bars which were key boards!)

A few days later, Jo and I spotted these on Tarpon Ave. during our morning walk.

Today, my husband dropped me off at Meres for my morning walk and, as I went up Tarpon Ave off the Trail, I spotted this one with a small sign reading Neptune Cyclery Shop which is located next to Toula's Trail Side Cafe on Safford. 

I don't know who started these but they are truly a wonderful addition to our already whimsical little town.  So kudos to those creating these wonders and keep up the good work, please.

Monday, February 23, 2015

If I were the Pres....

Some one recently posted on Facebook, what would one do if he/she were the President of the U.S. and I thought about it long and hard

And if I were the President, this is what I would do

1.  no child or elderly person would be without food, shelter or medical treatment and care (this is a humanitarian and (for those who keep posting how "Christian" they are, what Christ proclaimed!

2. I would bring our fighting troops home and put them to work (at a higher wage, btw) rebuilding our infrastructures that need refrubishing.

(side bar here: who do we think we are that we can impose our democratic beliefs on nations that have existed eons before ours...let them deal with their problems and let us divert our money to ours)

3.  Pay our educators more than a babysitter and establish boards of teachers who regulate their peers.  Stop letting legislators regulate what they know nothing about.

4.  Workfare, not Welfare...educate and provide a cushion while it is happening.  How can we expect anyone to rise above their standards when we provide money but no training or training but no child care or any of the above.  Want to live in subsidized housing,  sign up for classes to move out!

5.  I would not give money or subsidies or tax breaks to any company that out sources...I would double their taxes and watch how our economy flourishes

6.  I would limit the amount of money that could be spent on any political campaign.  It would be begin at local and, of course (because I am not stupid) accelerate to presidential).   BUT,  for every dollar ANY donation, any expense, any anything went over that amount, no matter who it came from or how it was justified, the candidate had to contribute 2x that amount to education (and no charter schools!)

7.  NO privation of public education...these tax dollars are paid by the residents and, if they don't go to the local schools, but go to privately owned charter schools, the residents loose

8.  If politicians are not doing their jobs, they need to be remanded.
9.  Federal and state senators and reps need to be in the same health plan that they "approve"  for their constituents, and nothing better  (what's good for the goose is good for the gander)

10.  If I want it to be, I'll live it

So, perhaps I should be Queen rather than just the Pres...ya think?

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Winter Doldrums

I should not complain as our weather here has been chilly but no SN*W (that is a four letter word, you know!).  It has been hard to get out and walk lately as even the winds and rain have been conniving to keep me from my daily stroll. 

Several other events have assisted in my recent doldrums.  The death of friend who was only a year older than I am was a reminder of how fragile life actually is.  My sister's on going battle with lung cancer which apparently runs in our family as my dad had this as well...and our smoking doesn't help.  (I quit right before I turned 50...thanks to the kick in the butt from my dear friend, Chuck Adams who also is no longer with us).  The Grands have been sick off and on, one or the other or all 3 since right after Christmas and I've seemed to catch a milder dose of whatever they have shared ever so nicely.

I do know that this will pass.  The sun will shine, the winds will die down and I'll be out walking and biking again soon.  Meanwhile, I do have a couple of events to look forward to.  This weekend I am heading to St. Pete's to crop at Whim's with Jacque, Sonia and my pal, Janet M.  Landon has his turn at a sleep over the following weekend and I'll be visiting with Janet on Anna Maria in March. 

I have a ton of pics on my phone of the Grands that I need to upload and share here.  Please be patient...I am a work in progress even at 67.

Sunday, February 08, 2015


Our friends, Jo and Bill, are closing soon on their condo here.  They have been snowbird renters for the past four years and this is their Starter Home here in Paradise.  I am so excited for them as now we'll get to spend even more time with them.

Their purchase of a winter abode got me thinking back to the very first place I could call all my own.  I had graduated from college, had a teaching job all lined up in a small town near Kansas City, a few hundred miles from my parents in St. Louis.  I had found the perfect, and almost affordable, place to call my own.

I rented an apartment in an old home.  There were two apartments on the ground floor, two on the second story and my first home of my own in the attic.  It came furnished which was a good thing since all I had to my name (and these things mostly thanks to my parents) were a t.v with rabbit ears, 2 sets of sheets, a couple of towels, a cookie tray and one pot and one pan.  I bought a set of plastic dishes and called my apartment furnished.

I loved the tiny space I could call my own.  I graded papers at the tiny kitchen table, cooked pizza for girlfriends in my small oven on my one cookie tray and stared off into the tree tops from my bed.  It was my own private tree house and I was very happy.

I only lived in my starter home for four months.  My boyfriend proposed, we married and moved back to the college town where he was still taking classes.  Many homes followed and 1 husband (but that is another story entirely) but I've never forgotten the first place I could call my own.

What was your first home like?

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Another year over...(to loosely quote John Lennon)

and what have we got

1,  fought off some health issues
2.  had some great sleep overs with the Grands...Baby Girl gets to participate next Spring
3.   traded our trip to the British Isles to cavort with our besties, Bill and Jo on a ten day to the Caribbean (sing it Jimmy Buffett)
4.  had another fun Christmas party
5.  spent time with our year round pals and our "snow birdies"
6.  kept in touch with our friends of 25, 30 years and longer back home.
7.  saluted a fallen Tarpon Springs police officer.
8.  celebrated Baby Girl's 3rd b'day and the twins' 4th.  (they all are getting older far too fast for this Nana)
9.  set a goal to walk &/or bike 500 miles this coming year *me*
10. thinking seriously of giving up my Hot Mama Transformer convertible...E is struggling to get in and out of it and I've had my fun for almost  8 years now.  It's time.
 11.  working out tons of details in the writing of a will...much needed for us as we get along in years.

AND PAY ATTENTION HERE:  (E does not read my blog or Facebook)
I want to throw him a surprise 70th. b'day party on Sept 14, 2015.  I want to invite everyone who has known him personally and has/does love(d)him.  If you think you can make this work, I'll try to find accommodations nearby at discount prices.  I want this to be a special time for him...if you even think you can make it, please email me at BuckFifty07@gmail.com (he does not ever check this one).  I have 9 mo to make this a very special time for him, the love of my life.