Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Blessed in so many ways

The past month has been a bit on the rough side for E and me and our friends who have stepped up in ways beyond our comprehension.  First, E's back surgery and his slow but sure recovery. And then this pesty thing with my arm (healing slowly but surely).  All this has taught me something about the two of us...we love to give to others...our time, our love, our support, our care BUT we have a hell of a time accepting help from others unless they are family.  And the hard lesson we have learned is that so many of our friends are family and giving is a reciprocal thing.

When E was in the hospital for his back surgery, the Women Who Do Lunch bunch, other local and not so local  friends  offered to help in any way they could during his recuperation and to aid me while he was in the hospital.  Did we accept a single offer...no.  And looking back, what an unkindness we rendered our friends.  (Apologies now)! 

And then (long story cut short) I injured my arm, party planned, food ordered, out of town company flying in and traveling across the state to help fete my beloved's 70th  b'day.  And sitting there while our friend, Steve, vacuumed and rearranged furniture and our friends Kim and Mitch dusted, swept and helped set up...drove us nuts! This was our job and it made us feel feeble and old and ...LOVED.
they did this out of love for us.  And that was the revelation...if asked, we would do the same and that our friends knew that.

We all need to allow others to contribute to our lives.  There are so many ways to prove we love our friends and the best gift we can give to another is when they offer help, aid, cheers etc is to say YES and THANKS.  We've learned a hard lesson.  Both of us are proud people.  And we have realized that it is ok to let others contribute to our lives; it is not a sign of weakness rather a measure of trust and appreciation and love.

So, to all our friends who said, "can I help? what can I do? call and I'll be there!  Bless you and thank you for your friendship and you can count on us to accept your loving offers should any more misfortune befall us (knocking wood).

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

This is me

I am a conservative liberal ( for those of you who have not figured this out) and my hubby is a liberal conservative.  We have amazing friends whom we love and respect who do not believe as we do.  And do you know why they have our respect?  They listen to us and they respect us and they expect the same in return...and YES! they get it.

I was raised by union parents who, back in the 50s voted Republican because they loved Ike.  I remember standing in line with them after they got off work to vote.  That was back when the parties were not so different and people voted for the good of the country.

What a conservative liberal believes is (could just be me)
1. we can can not expect the poverty level to raise to middle class unless we provide an umbrella while skills to excel are obtained.
2.  we need to provide training
3.  love is in too short demand...let it be where it is
4.  re invest in this country...no tax credits for out source
5.  work fare not welfare...see #1
6.  no elderly person should EVER have to choose between food and medicine
7.  no child should ever go without food or an excellent education.
and so much more but that is it for now...

Play Music
"Let There Be Peace On Earth"
(feat. Kim Burrell)

Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me.
Let there be peace on earth
The peace that was meant to be.
With God as our father
Brothers all are we.
Let me walk with my brother
In perfect harmony.

Let peace begin with me
Let this be the moment now.
With every step i take
Let this be my solemn vow.
To take each moment
And live each moment
With peace eternally.
Let there be peace on earth,
And let it begin with me.

Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me.
Let there be peace on earth
The peace that was meant to be.
With God as our father
Brothers all are we.
Let me walk with my brother
In perfect harmony.

Let peace begin with me
Let this be the moment now.
With every step I take
Let this be my solemn vow.
To take each moment
And live each moment
In peace eternally.
Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Colvin's turn for a sleep over

Now that Papa is doing a tad bit better, we had Colvin over for his long overdue sleep over at Nana and Papa's house.  He had a few requests and we did our best to honor them.  He also informed us that 2 days also  meant 2 nights and we said...maybe later! lol

We picked up Colvin around ten am on Sat. and headed to the farmers' market in Dunedin, forgetting there isn't one during the summer months. So on to the Sponge Docks did we go.  There was a craft fair (Papa bought 3 books...one for each of the Grands) and we dined at Rusty Bellies.  Colvin loves fried clam strips...wait til his 'shrimp only' Mama finds out!  We watched Casper the Friendly Ghost movie, swam in the pool, had dinner and read read read before we finally went to sleep.

Sunday, Colvin helped Papa fix us breakfast and then he and I took off to the new playground next to the Splash Park here in Tarpon Springs.  He climbed, slide and went swinging til the deer flies drove us away.  I had his little bike in the trunk and he rode the course at the out door gym and then down the Pinellas Trail...his first.

and one of my future biking partners....
He had one request of Papa and that was to finally teach him to fish.  We bought the boys Shakespeare fishing rods and reels (Batman, of course) for Easter last year and Papa was reluctant to let them fly away with hooks etc.  But, today was the day (and Landon will get his turn at his sleep over).  Colvin caught onto the casting and got pretty good.  He is a lefty, which neither of us realized til he started his first fishing lesson.  Papa started with him in the front yard sans hook and continued the lesson in the pool. 

We went swimming, had lunch and watched most of Cars2 (longest kids movie EVER...just sayin') and then a nap on the big bed in the guest room...with a customized "by Nana" tent.  Ice cream and home.  Another wonderful Sleep Over!

Monday, August 31, 2015

Great way to end the month

with a visit from my son and having the whole family here together.  E is doing good but tends to over do so we are taking today off...no morning walk, no weeding, no cleaning...just relaxing.  That is today...yesterday we did all of the above to excess plus had a great time with the kids.

I picked Rob up in St. Pete around noon on Sat. and, poor guy, he has been cleaning up our tech messes ever since.  The good news is once a part comes in and Chris installs it for us, E can have his big desk top computer back and I get the new lap top we got when we thought the desk top was dead.  My phone no longer tells me I have no memory left and my tablet loads much more quickly...yea, Rob!

Now, on to more fun things...swimming

Playing with Legos with Uncle Rob

After dinner tom foolery

Reading to dolly

And waving hello to our Beach Buddies from Week 29 at Estero Island Beach Club...

Hope your Sept. is a good one and happy last day to the dog days of August!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

And all I wanted to do was

take a quiet, peaceful morning walk.  I've skipped a couple of days walking due to the temps and humidity here.  Today, I headed to my favorite walk , Spring Bayou, early hoping to evade most of heat.  I made it no further than a couple of blocks from where I park when I ended up embroiled in a bit of a to do.

An older gentleman asked me if I would take a look at a manatee in the bayou and tell him if I thought it was behaving abnormally.  Sure...no problem and yes it was.  First, I've been walking this bayou for the past 8 years several times a week and have yet to see a manatee there this time of the year.  Dolphin yes...manatee, no.  It is far too warm for them at the bayou during the summer months.  And the poor thing was breathing strangely as if it were struggling for breath. 

The gentleman, Bob, asked would I call Wildlife (the number posted for calls at the bayou) as, when he had called, he felt he has been "dismissed".  And I call.  And was also "dismissed".  This was perfectly normal behavior for a manatee...um, no.  Described what I saw (manatee is 'bobbing' in the water, surface breathing several times a minute and not showing its tail at all.  I was told a biologist would call me back.  Never happened. 

Fast forward to other people calling as well and the Tarpon Springs Police show up...bless their souls.  They are not trained for this.  They put in a call as well.  I get a call back on my cell from the same person I had talked with before and she wants me to take a picture.  Asks me how long it (no clue, can't see the tail).  Another woman had already done that and sent the photo to her at Wildlife.  Would I describe the behavior of the manatee...yes, once again I do so.  Now I'm told the manatee is giving birth.  The woman who sent the picture gets on my phone, tells the Wildlife she has seen manatee give birth and this one is NOT. 

Now, throw into the mix one of our homeless people, a very thin gently dillusional barefoot woman who has told us all God has sent her to be a blessing to the manatee, that she has called the manatee to her (there are now 2 manatee, the second one circling and nudging the ill one), and that instead of rousting the homeless sleeping on a park bench, the police should hug them. She tells us the manatee have names, Miracle and Hope.   The one policeman to whom she addressed these remarks was less than amused.  As those of us are trying to communicate with Wildlife, this poor soul is in our faces telling us she has blessed and cured the manatee and we should all stop talking so loudly.  Wildlife is telling me she can't hear me, could I speak up.  A no win situation as trying to explain to our homeless guide is not working.

I had to leave...I had left poor E for over an hour now and had only walked 15 min. of it .  I did what I could as did Bob, my new friend, Pam and her husband and the Tarpon Springs police who were unfailingly polite through out the entire lecture from our homeless woman.  I may never know the fate of the poor manatee.  If anyone from Tarpon Springs hears, please let me know. 

Just another day in my life.

Monday, August 17, 2015

My fascination with alleys

stems back to my childhood and all the summers I spent with my Nana in Waterloo, Ia.  There was an alley that ran from my grandmother's house down to my cousins' grandmother's house and a block or so more.  The alley was was cinders and provided not only trash pick up but entry into garages, none of which were on the street. 

I loved walking down the alley (or, at night, racing down it).  It was like a sneak peek into the lives of our neighbors.  The Cusamanos on the right of my Nana's house, had lots of kids and a bit of a ramshackle back yard.  I loved their place full of tents and tree swings.  The Stones, who lived on the other side were a bit more upscale.  They had the only maid in the neighborhood.  Their back yard was a bit on the sterile side.  Down the alley was where 2 sisters, my summer friends, lived.  The Willisons had the most beautiful back yard with a grape arbor and a garden with a lily pond if I remember correctly. I always knew when I was getting close to my Nana's house as the profusion of roses she had planted on her fence and the gate to the alley permeated the way.  Her garden was lovely until I had to help weed. 

All these memories have sent me exploring the alley ways of my town, Tarpon Springs, and I have enjoyed my ramblings even more than usual.  I have discovered one alley way downtown that leads behind both houses and businesses and past some delightful graffiti, brilliantly colored and executed.  Another alley way leads behind houses towards a bayou and winds hither thither and yon.    If I discover more, I'll report back. 

E has taken to some "rambling" himself.  It has been a week since his surgery and he has started his walking part of his recovery.  For the past two days, he and his walker (whom we should really name) have traversed up to half a block.  The goal for this week is to the entrance to our street and back.  Wish him luck.

Have a wonderful week and try some exploring in your home town.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Busy few days here in Paradise

As most of you know, E went into the hospital on Monday for his back surgery.  The previous week was spent getting tests done, meds changed, and 3 doctors signed off on the operation.  The surgery was more extensive than anticipated but the results should be awesome.  There was a piece of cartilage pressing on a nerve to his right leg which was removed along with assorted other protrusions.  The recovery is 6-8wks with rehab starting week after next.

Today is his second day home and the biggest challenge is keeping him down.  He wanted to go grocery shopping and I had to put my foot down.  1.  he is not suppose to drive for ten days  2.  he is not to lift anything over ten lbs. for at least 2 wks 3.  he can't get in or out of our compact car easily

So, when our friend, Bob, comes by later for a visit, I'll head up to the grocery store then swing by the hospital and pick up a jacket I left, then by Jo's condo to see if we left E's cane in the back of her car that we borrowed to get him home from the hospital yesterday.  Hope Bob is ready for a long chat...lol.

I do get a couple of hours here and there as he does take about 3 nice naps a day...bless those pain meds.  I also keep him out of the kitchen when I am cooking,  Kibitzing is not allowed.  I know lots of people get joy from preparing food but I am not one of them.  My idea of cooking is to either order out or prepare something that takes less than a half hour start to finish. 

Will post here and on facebook as to E's progress and thanks to all who have kept us both in your thoughts and prayers.